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Eduardo Pimentel has been a professional musician since the age of 16, with extensive experience in Jazz-rock, Brazilian music and Flamenco.

His vocation and dedication have made him one of the greatest guitarists of Santa Catarina. Among other responsibilities, he is main songwriter of the band Brasil Papaya, which has been on the road for 28 years, being nationally known. Musician and composer in full swing, Eduardo Pimentel has worked on several projects, besides being a guitar and electric guitar teacher, in Florianópolis (Santa Catarina- Brazil), where he has lived since 1994.

*He accompanied Steve Vai at “Rock in Rio 2015”, public of 90,000 people and broadcast to 21 countries.

*He was highlighted in the magazine “Guitar Player” in November 1997, the most popular magazine specialized in guitars in Brazil. He was on a 2-page article in the magazine Guitar Player (March 2007).

*He played during the year of 2007 in Alessandro Kramer´s jazz Quintet (renowned international accordionist).

*Founder and member of the group “Trio Ponteio”, CD with special guests Alegre Correa   (Grammy 2010) and Daniel Sá (Renato Borghetti´s guitarist)

*He accompanied accordionist Osvaldinho and Renato Borghetti (taking part in OSSCA – Symphony Orchestra of Santa Catarina, 1997) and Tavinho Moura at the concert “10 years of Compasso Aberto” 2004).

*He accompanied Paula Lima (in a participation of the singer in the concert “Acoustic Brognoli” 2008)

*Founder and member of the group “BRASIL PAPAYA”, 2 CD´s and 1 DVD

*He was in the SESC TOUR OF SANTA CATARINA for 3 times. This tour is offered by SESC-SC to the musical works with most relevance within the year in the state.

*He represented the state of Santa Catarina with Trio Ponteio at the SESC National Music Exhibition 2009 in Paraná.

*He accompanied Willy Gonzales, the greatest Bass player of Argentina (2008, while in Brazil)

*Soloist and coordinator of the popular part of the symphony orchestra of Santa Catarina OSSCA (2000- 2012).

*He was the soloist and coordinator of the basic band of the Chamber Orchestra (Camerata Florianópolis), the concert “Rock in Camerata” (since 2008) which had the greatest audience in the history of the  Chamber, and other programs; “Clássicos com Energia”, “Tribute to Brazilian Music ” e “Música para Cinema” .

*He was the guitarist of Compañía Sur Flamenco Dance. Denny Souza (Spain / Brazil, 2006).

*He is recorded and produced CD and DVD (“Classics with Energy”) with the Chamber Orchestra (Camerata Florianópolis) and Brasil Papaya (2011, 2012), erudite songs played by a rock band. He participates as a guitarist and arranger.

*He was an endorser (Groove Tubes) for Valve and Amplifiers from 1998 to 2002, and for Villela Guitars from 1996 to 2000.

* He recorded more than 30 CDs for national artists.

* He has played in jazz festivals of Santa Catarina (Jazz & Wine 2015, Joiville jazz festival 2009, and others)

* Recorded soundtracks for feature films signed by Bob Barbosa, Silvia Beraldo, Willy Gonzales (Arg), Luiz Gustavo Zago and Alberto Heller.

*He has shared a stage with: Alessandro Kramer Quinteto, Alberto Heller, Steve Vai, Guinha Ramirez, Arno van Nieuwenhuize, Willy Gonzales (Argentina), Andria Busic (Dr Sin), Oliver Yatsugafu, Guido May e Kiko Zambianchi (SP), Serguey (RJ), Paula Lima (SP), Osvaldinho do Acordeom e Renato Borghetti (Fazendo parte da OSSCA), Tijuqueira, Felixfônica, Renato Valério (RJ), Fernando de Marília (RS), Felipe Coelho (SC), Rolando Castelo Júnior (SP), Luiz Gustavo Zago entre outros.



Current work

Brasil Papaya (rock Instrumental)
Camerata Florianópolis (orchestra) (Clássicos com Energia, Rock’n Camerata, Música Para Cinema e Tributo à MPB)
Trio Ponteio (instrumental music of south american )
Renato Valério jazz Project (Jazz-funk-rock)

Master’s student in music 2016-2 UDESC (SPECIAL STUDENT)